James Bond wannabes: This amphibious Lamborghini is for sale on eBay


The amphibious Lamborghini Countach is for sale on eBay for $26,000

Some might say that you never really need a Lamborghini. Those people might also state that no one needs an amphibious car either.

Certainly, though, even those naysayers can agree that everyone needs an amphibious Lamborghini. And, thankfully, there’s one for sale right now on eBay for a shockingly low $26,775.35 (Ksh 2,600,00).

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If you’re thinking that price is too good to be true. That’s because it is. The car, which the owner says is the only one of its kind, has a storied past, having been converted from righthand drive to lefthand drive and back to right.

And although it looks like a Countach, the car is registered in England as a “Ryan Rover V8 Sports” complete with a Rover V8 engine.

Moreover, even the seller admits it needs some “TLC” but opines it’s worth “£50k (Ksh 5762.74) + when reinstated to its former glory.

Specifically, the car needs seats, tires, brakes and to have the doors reinstalled — among  other fixes.

If you’re willing to look past all those niggling issues, you could have a seriously cool and distinctive car. I mean, this is the only amphibious Countach on the planet. That title alone is worth the $26,000 (Ksh 2628951).


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